Basketball kits come in a range of styles and types and can make ideal activity wear as well as for the sport itself. Designed with movement and energy in mind, basketball gear allows the wearer complete freedom to move around at a pace and be as energetic as they like. The loose baggy styles are perfect for keeping cool in the summer without creating too much of a hindrance as you play the sport. Basketball itself is very popular and around this has developed the trend for wearing the gear as a fashion statement in itself, one that supports the lifestyle and the sport as well as the fashion. The range of basketball kits on offer allows wearers a whole spectrum of choice as to the styles, colours and types of kits that they want. Tops range from various streamlined styles in a range of combinations of colours to styles that can be reversed allowing you to have a whole choice of colours to wear each time you play. There are various shorts on offer designed to match and go with the tops and to create a complete outfit with the two; shorts also come in a number of reversible styles. There are also various ladies options on offer that make for a more fitted version of the style which can again be paired with matching shorts to complete the outfit. The tops for ladies range from simple to more detailed styles that offer a range of options not just for style issues but also those of comfort and wear.