Cricket teamwear is an essential to the sport, comprising as it does a white outfit that stands out against the grass field. Most county cricket is played in all whites and made up of a number of white items as well as the additional pads and protectors. Cricket whites can come in a number of styles and the sweater usually sports the logo or colours of the team whilst t-shirts and trousers are variable and can be mixed up. Most colours are sported around the collar of the jumper although it is also possible to buy plain white sweaters that can be used anywhere. There is a range of colours on offer, some of which may be suitable for a pre-existing team and some of which might provide inspiration for new cricket teamwear or new teams. There are also a number of slipovers sporting the team colours available so you can put these over a polo shirt and not have to wear the sweater in hot weather. There is on offer various plain and lightly detailed polo neck t-shirts as well as trousers suitable for the sport. The polo necks provide a comfortable under layer that is fitted and designed for active wear. Sweaters are available in both sleeveless and full length sleeve styles, the former of which may allow for a little more movement as you play the sport; whilst the latter can be worn after the game and during the mid-game tea, to keep you warm on British summer days.