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Football kits are designed with flexibility and movement in mind, suited to a sport in which pace and energy are the name of the game. The design of the outfits and the lightweight shirts and shorts allow wearers to remain cool and ventilated whilst running around a pitch for long stretches of time. There is a range of football teamwear on offer with styles, colours and patterns that can either fit a pre-existing team or provide the impetus behind new team colours or even a new team. The range provides either outfits that will make for teamwear football kits or for individual training wear. There is a large range of jerseys on offer in both short sleeved and long sleeved styles that will keep you warm whilst training in all seasons; these come in numerous styles, colours and designs, allowing you to choose a kit that fits with your own taste. There is also a range of shorts that will either match or complement the shirts and similarly socks that will complete the kits. The kits are made with quality and endurance in mind so are sure to last for a length of time and through a number of high points in the team’s career.