Derived from early versions of basketball, netball sports the same pace and style as the more popular game. In order to work with this pace, netball kits are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible, allowing player's flexibility and movement in the design and shape of the outfit. The sport is traditionally played by women and the standard kit comprises a skirt and fitted polo top or a simple dress in tennis style that again allows maximum movement. Players in the game generally wear a number so outfits come with a section partitioned off to which a plastic number can be attached. The range of netball kits on offer and the make of the products allow them to be used as either team wear or by individuals training. There are dresses as well as skirts and tops on offer so that individuals are able to select the outfit most suitable to their own comfort and style. The kits are all made in breathable, flexible materials that will allow the wearer to remain comfortable in the kit throughout the game and be able to cool down quickly in the slow moments. The kits come in a range of styles and details of design with simple to more detailed patterns available. There is a range of training and competition wear available with casual tank tops and lycra shorts, as well as matching skirts and fitted polo tops or dresses, all in the same design so they can be worn across the team.