Rugby is a fast paced rough game and the clothing worn on the field reflects this; high quality shirts and shorts allow for maximum breathability whilst also providing a protective and hard wearing kit. Rugby shirts are useful not only for training and playing the game but also for a range of activities and just as casual wear. Wearing rugby shirts has long been a casual sign of enthusiasm for the sport or just a fashion statement in itself. Rugby shirts are especially comfortable and useful items to wear as part of a casual outfit. The range of rugby teamwear on offer provides numerous styles that can be worn by the entire team or just by an individual in training. There are various colours and styles that will allow you to either find something that fits with the team or find inspiration for new rugby teamwear. The range of rugby shirts vary from plain to detailed and provide various sizes and styles that will fit with the look and attitude of the team. There are a number of short styles on offer that will either match or complement the shirts and similarly matching socks can be found here to complete the kit. The make of the kits is high quality and made of a flexible material that will give players a full range of movement on the field. The quality will also ensure that the kits wash well and last through the season, allowing players to wear them again and again.